Moving souls that repeat series....

A journey through a repetitive art that runs its own.

The 10 works from the ‘Moving souls that repeat’ series show endless repetitive elements to force audience to an experience of his/her own creation of time and space. As the repeated movements in the artworks have no specific definition to the audience, they can engage the works freely. It is a ceremony where lines and planes are positioned on a surface; using minimum repertoire of visual elements aiming for a maximum visual intensity, as the ‘repetitive souls’.

Each set of work is displayed together with a QR code that connect audiences to an interactive experience with computer-generated perceptual visual (augmented reality). As they scan the visual of the artwork, they will be able to see a repetitive animation running across the works, as the ‘moving souls’.
Medium: Mixed media on wood and augmented reality

.... a collaboration project with digital media artist, Wong Si Ying.

Scan the QR codes below to see the images above alive.... take note that there is sound.